Recycled Cycles of Texas
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… when you tossed that bike on the corner? You got a new one – that’s cool, but … Well, that bike wants to be ridden, wants to be someone’s freedom, their escape, part of a posse of friends ready for an adventure.

That’s where we come in.


Freedom is a crank turn away …. 


My childhood …

— was like an “after school special” and the one thing I knew is that if I could get to my bike I could be free. Everyone connected to Recycling Cycles of Texas get’s that to the core. We want to bestow that power in each kid, guy, gal or sexy mamacita or crazy-old dreamer. Freddy Mercury said it best “get on your bike’s and ride!”

Easy Street

But for us it’s easy because we’re funded privately from a retired billionaire who lives in a secret castle in the Swiss Alps — yeah, that would be nice.

Here’s the skinny, we need cash to get parts, cheap bikes from pawn shops, parts, gas for the shop pickup to live up to its purpose, did we mention parts, and most of all we need you to drop off that bit of history, as you bank roll the next horse. In English? Give us your old bike!

We’ve been doing this for years now, one bike at time. There’s me, my very understanding family, and a handful of whack-jobs that want to make someone smile with us.

Join our posse? Sure. But we’re committed like a tattoo and we don’t take that lightly.


The poorest nation in the world? Dough-Nation!

#DadJokes #HookItUP


Not for nothing, we got stuff to do … 


So it’s like this …

We’ve like you to check out our website, check out our calendar of people and places we like to hang at. Most of all, we’d like to get involved by telling others that we exist (buy a t-shirt and tattoo our logo on your butt) and what we do. We’ll take care of the rest.

And the next time you see someone on your old bike, you can feel good that you did a lil’ and it made a lot.